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oh, badgers!
This is a closed community for the Hufflepuff members of Hogwarts Challenge. If you ahve been lucky enough to have been sorted intour our lovely wonderful house of awesomeness, then simply send a request to join (the same way you'd join any other community!) and a mod will approve you right away!

Hufflpuff is arguably the most unique house of Hogwarts. Hufflepuffs are a healthy, well-rounded mix of the three extremes of the other three houses. Don't be afraid to voice your opinions or be yourself! Don't be afraid to speak up with any problems that you have. We puffs aren't all smiles and bubbly happiness, like some others would like you to think. We're touch, strong-hearted, fiercely loyal, clever, and humble. We fight with subtlety. We might seem quiet, but that's just because we have respect enough for you to be quiet. :P

Welcome to our home, loyalhearts. If you have been lucky enough to be sorted into this house, we're excited to have you in our Den.
important little things!
Prefect: criickett
Quidditch Captain: currently open
Huflepuff Quidditch Ref: currently open
Pep Squad Captain: currently open

the glory of the badger
belonged in july of 05!
we rocked the house cup with 375 points and won first place! our previous wins have been in november of 04, june of 05, and july of 05.
common room rules!
1. All posts must be FRIENDS ONLY!
2. You may advertise about another community here, but please only post about it once.
3. Games and fun are welcome here as long as they're not vulgar.
4. To be sorted into a dorm room (at random selection, they will be!), fill out the intro questions below.
4a. Please bold the questions and put them under a lj-cut please.

intro questions

TV Shows:

What do you love about Hufflepuff?
Would you like other Puffs to be added to your friends list?
Do you wish to take part in the Hufflepuff RP?
Any other interesting little tidbits you'd like to share?
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